Review Essay: ‘What we talk about when we talk about universities’ (Jana Bacevic)

Book review Council for the Defence for British Universities (Patrick Ainley)

In Brief The Times Literary Supplement (Julia Bell)

Who are Universities For? are a highly necessary blend of critical humanist analysis and concrete policy proposals, not shying away from discussing their broader social and political implications.

Jana Bacevic, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge

The book is a mix of shrewd practical proposals, egalitarian humanism and utopian vision.

Simon Marginson, Dept of Education & Director of the Centre for Global Higher Education, Oxford University

“A groundbreaking plan for overhauling the universities system… [a] radical blueprint—making even the dreaming spires of Oxbridge [into] Open Universities”

The Social Review

“An important book that brims with ideas for transforming HE for a diverse, inclusive, post-disciplinary world. Refreshingly radical.”

Tim Blackman, VC, Middlesex University

“Urgent, radical and prescriptive, this polemic provides a radical manifesto for Higher Education in the era of the millennials. In the wake of student debt, a lack of social mobility and excess at the top, it breaks open the sterile complacency that has for too long gone unchallenged.”

David Lammy, MP

“This powerful, accessible and passionate book highlights the way current HE excludes and disadvantages, and proposes an inclusive system design fit for part-time as well as full-time study. Fascinating and persuasive.”

Professor Sir Alan Tuckett, University of Wolverhampton
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